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Shannon applies the principles of mindfulness to her bodywork, offering a holistic body-mind-spirit experience with every therapy. She uses her hands as a listening tool to hear what your body needs and adds deeper intuitive work to release long-held patterns of dysfunction and dis-ease in the body.

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My Story

Shannon began her healing journey as a patient after suffering from a torn rotator cuff and multiple sports injuries. After years of pain and wanting to avoid surgery, she began seeing a Neuromuscular therapist for pain management. Waking up pain free gave Shannon the desire to help others live pain-free lives. She went back to school for Neuromuscular Therapy and Sports Massage. Now, 17 years as a therapist, and 10 of those years were spent working in Africa and England she has never looked back!

In 2005, Shannon began studying Craniosacral Therapy (CST) with The Upledger Institute. She began incorporating CST into all of her treatments. After seeing firsthand the immense benefits of this therapy she continued furthering her education with CST II, Somatoemotional Release(SER), and CST for Pediatrics.

Seeing and experiencing the challenges women encounter throughout conception and pregnancy including three miscarriages and two healthy pregnancies, led Shannon to become a doula. She feels led to help women find their voice and be powerful advocates for the care they want and deserve. And, as a mother, she sees being trusted with the care of one’s infants and children as an immense honor. Treating infertility, preconception, postnatal, and pediatrics is close to her heart.

And, whether athletics is a passion or your profession, Shannon has proven that her skill and knowledge can assist you in enhancing your performance. Having worked with competitive sailors, marathon runners, cyclists, extreme athletes, Ironman triathletes, and professional athletes within the MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, and the PGA.

Shannon enjoys spending her free time with her husband and two boys. If she’s not outside hiking or cycling you’ll find her studying herbalism, baking, reading, meditating, or practicing yoga. She is an avid nature and animal lover.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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